Built circa 1550, the house has 17th-century modifications and was built on the site of a medieval dwelling. The Manor was primarily built for the Prichard family. With walls 1.2 meters thick and access between floors only through stairs built inside the walls, the main purpose of the house was protection and defence  If attacked, the entire house could be divided into two and only people who are in the secure east wing would be able to access tower’s toilet.

The Prichard family restored and improved the house as they lived in it. Some improvements were necessary; however, some of them were for the family to demonstrate to others just how affluent they were. Among the many things added were the Grand Staircase and panelling in the house’s two rooms. Numerous intramural staircases were also sealed off and a formal garden was laid out. Because of the many modifications in the house, there are more windows visible outside than inside.

The house has now been restored to its 1645 appearance during the British Civil War. It has become one of the leading sites for people who would like to see a piece of living history.

Llanciach Fawr Manor Ghosts

Llancaiach Fawr Manor has been named one of the top ten most haunted places in Great Britain. Almost every room in the manor has a ghostly story to tell. Many things have been seen, felt and smelled by people who work in the manor, as well as those who came to visit it. Among the odours which pervade the air are lavender, violets and sometimes even roast beef.

The figure which is frequently experienced in the manor is that of the housekeeper who lived in the 19th century known as “Mattie”. Her petticoats had been heard rustling in the room where is believed to have died tragically many, many years ago. There is also the ghost of the little boy who fell from his death from one of the rooms on the upper floors. He would make his presence felt to visitors and employees by tugging at their sleeves or hair. He would also sometimes slip his hands on the person in the room as if beckoning them to take him home.

It is reported that Edward Prichard can also be seen sometimes dressed in his Civil War regalia contemplating about the turmoil and the support of the King. There is also the much talked about the puzzle of the carved stone which is hidden within the wall of the Manor. There is so much controversy about why it was put there.  Some people say it is there to help ward off evil but others say that it is a curse on the Manor.

Is Llancaiach Fawr Manor really haunted? This is the question which most people ask especially when they are thinking of going to the premises. The resounding answer is yes. Previous residents, staff and several visitors can all testify to the paranormal events and occurrences in the house. Various television crews have come to the manor to film strange occurrences and some of them are TV’s Most Haunted and BBC Ghostcam. The South Wales Paranormal Group has also reported various sounds, smells and sights in the manor.

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