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Haunted England

There are 48 ceremonial counties in England stretching from the border of Scotland, Eastwards from Wales, down to the south coast, including some islands. Offering a real diversity in landscape, townscape and cityscape, it likewise offers a broad range of opportunities to experience the paranormal.

Counties in southern and central England offers a terrain of low hills and plains while further north and some areas of the south west, offer upland areas including mountainous areas such as the Lake District, Pennines and Yorkshire Dales.

Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. Highwaymen, monks, nuns and soldiers. Witches, rituals, ceremonies and hangmen. Their stories are all there and sometimes, their spirits.

With reports of ghostly encounters across the country that range from the ancient to the modern, we provide a snapshot of what each area has to offer the curious and the daring.

Once you’ve located your ideal haunted hotel, England offers a wealth of fantastic places of interest to make your stay one that you’ll never forget.

We feature just some of the most haunted hotels in England. If you know of a haunted hotel in England that we’ve missed, we’d welcome your suggestion. Just click on the ‘Contact Us’ link in the footer at the bottom of the website.