Upcoming sleepover ghost hunts

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What to expect on a ghost hunt with sleepover

Once a ghost hunt starts to wind down you’ll be able to retire to one of the rooms you were investigating! Who knows, maybe you’ll be sharing it with one of the spirits you came into contact with earlier…? On most of the sleepover events you will need to bring your sleeping bag and a pillow with you. We would also advise a camp bed/mat to sleep on too, as in some cases you will be sleeping on the floor. There are locations that do have beds for you to use, however, it will say whether that is the case on the event listing page itself.

As you can expect, some of the locations are not the most luxurious and there won’t be showers in most cases. However, if you can put comfort aside, you will be able to truly experience some of the very best haunted locations in the country!

What should I bring?

If the event requires it, you will need to bring with you a sleeping bag/bedding, and a pillow. You may also need to bring a mat/camp bed with you too. All of this will be made clear on the event listing itself.

In addition to sleeping portion of the night, you will be hunting in the dark so please bring a torch with you. We don’t want you tripping over on the way for a late night toilet break! Also, most of these locations do not have heating, so please dress weather appropriate, and bring extra layers just in case!

Will there be breakfast?

Yes, in short there will be. However what type of breakfast food on offer will depend on the facilities at each location. Some will not have electricity or gas so it would make cooking hearty breakfast for so many people rather impossible. The team will always cater for everyone, and we guarantee you will be sent home with full bellies!