Dive into a chilling evening of ghost hunting at Gressenhall Workhouse in Norfolk, a harrowing site marked by centuries of suffering, despair, and the restless spirits of its tormented past.

Event Cost: £49 per person

Event Time: 9:30 PM – 2:30 AM

Address: Inchinnan Rd, Renfrew PA4 8ND

Your Ghost Hunt at Renfrew Baths

Dive into the chilling depths of Renfrew Victory Baths, a location where beauty and tragedy intertwine.

Located just on the outskirts of Glasgow, this architectural marvel from 1921 beckons with its Edwardian charm, adorned with 1920s cubicles and a viewing gallery. But beneath its serene facade lies a haunting history that sends shivers down the spine.

The baths, while a testament to architectural grandeur, are also a repository of sorrowful tales. The spirit of a young boy who met a tragic end due to a fateful dive with a World War I helmet is said to roam the corridors. His mournful presence is often accompanied by the ethereal figure of a young woman in white, adding to the eerie ambience of the venue.

Over the years, staff and visitors have reported a myriad of paranormal experiences. From ghostly apparitions to unexplained footsteps and chilling whispers, the baths are a hotbed of supernatural activity.

Past investigations have unveiled the presence of multiple spirits, including the enigmatic James MacKenzie and several benevolent female entities. Yet, the most poignant of all tales is that of the two tragic dives, one of a young boy and another of a daring man, both of which ended in sorrow.

Join us for a night of paranormal investigation at the Renfrew Victory Baths. Armed with state-of-the-art paranormal equipment, you’ll have the chance to communicate with the spirits, conduct séances, and delve deep into the mysteries of this haunted location.

As you navigate the historic corridors, will you encounter the restless spirits of the past? Or perhaps uncover stories that have long been buried?

Book your spot now and immerse yourself in a night of history, mystery, and paranormal encounters at the Renfrew Victory Baths. Remember, in the silent waters of the pool, echoes of the past still ripple.

Spots will fill up quickly for this one, so hurry and book now!

Deposits are available for just £20.

What's Included?

Join us for a true ghost hunting experience as we employ a range of methods and tools to communicate with the spirits that may linger here. Your night at Renfrew Baths includes:

  • Exclusive Access: Explore the haunted areas known for more intense paranormal activity.
  • Advanced Equipment: Utilize EMF Readers, Rem Pods, MEL Meters, Laser Grids, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Spirit Boxes, Trigger Objects, and more!
  • Spiritual Techniques: Engage in Ouija Boards, Glass Divination, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, and Crystal Pendulums.
  • Lone Vigils: For the bravest, the option to go ghost hunting alone in a room.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly hosts will guide you through an authentic ghost hunting experience.
  • Authenticity Guarantee: We stand against tricks or faking activity. Our goal is genuine exploration.
  • Group Discussion: Share and discuss your findings with others at the end of the night.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy unlimited hot and cold drinks throughout the event. Feel free to bring personal midnight snacks (not included).

Staff and visitors have reported numerous ghostly experiences over the years, making it one of the most haunted sites in Renfrew. Two prominent spirits are believed to haunt the baths: a young woman dressed in white and a young boy.

The boy’s story is particularly tragic. Many years ago, he was gifted a German helmet by his father, a relic from World War I. In a fateful turn of events, the boy, wearing the helmet, dived into the pool from the diving board. The force of the dive and the helmet’s strap resulted in a fatal accident, breaking the boy’s neck.

This tragic incident is not the only tale of sorrow associated with the baths. During various paranormal investigations, mediums and participants have reported encounters with multiple spirits. One such investigation revealed the presence of a heavily mustachioed man named James MacKenzie and several friendly female spirits.

Another poignant story that emerged was of a man who attempted a daring stunt involving a spike attached to his head. The aim was to burst balloons in the pool. However, he missed, hit the diving board, and suffered a fatal neck injury.

The Renfrew Victory Baths, with its rich history and paranormal activity, continues to intrigue and terrify visitors. Whether it’s the chilling apparitions, inexplicable footsteps, or the tragic tales of those who met their end within its walls, the baths remain a focal point for those seeking a brush with the supernatural.

Event Location: Inchinnan Rd, Renfrew PA4 8ND

Time: 9:30 PM – 2:30 AM (Arrive from earliest 9:00 PM)

Parking: There are free parking spaces at the rear of the building.

Accessibility: Unfortunately, the building isn’t wheelchair accessible.

Please Note: All guests must be 18 years or older. Not suitable for those who are heavily pregnant. Guests are strongly advised to wear comfortable shoes and warm layered clothing on colder nights.