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In this section you will find ghost hunts categorised by areas stretching all over Britain. We have the largest array of ghost hunts available anywhere in the UK. If you can’t find a ghost hunt in your area here then please use our more extensive search options available on our ghost hunts page.


birmingham town hall

If you’re looking to go ghost hunting in Birmingham and nearby, then you’re not going to be disappointed. It’s one of the most populated cities outside of London in the UK, but it’s not only the living that call it it home.

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Bolling Hall_3

Bradford and Yorkshire as a whole is one of the most haunted places in the UK. With a long and colourful history it’s of little surprise. Perhaps one of the most infamous places is Bolling Hall – Bradford’s oldest building.

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Are you looking for a night of spooky goings on around chester / cheshire area? Then not to fear (maybe a bit) we have some great ghost hunts available around Cheshire. Locations such as Tatton Old Hall, Stanley Palace and more…

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If you’re looking to go ghost hunting in Essex, you’re never going to have a better chance of experience something paranormal in any other county in the UK. With over 14,000 listed buildings, and a long colourful history…

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There’s an abundance of haunted locations around Hull for you to sink your paranormal teeth in to. If you’re brave enough to take part in investigations in some of the most haunted places in Hull then you’re going to want to step in to the Annison Old Funeral Parlour.

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You’ve landed in the right place if you’re looking to go ghost hunting in Kent. Kent is well known for its natural beauty, often referred to as the garden of England. However, don’t let the beautiful scenery fool you, Kent holds a darker secret.

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Looking to go ghost hunting in Lancashire? Fear not (okay maybe a bit), Lancashire contains some of the most haunted towns and cities in the UK. You’ll find below ghost hunts in Bolton, Clitheroe, Manchester, Morecambe and more…

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With a long and storied history, Leeds is bound to have its fair share of ghost stories too. Leeds is one of the most haunted cities in Yorkshire and perhaps the whole of the UK. From old hospitals such as Leeds Asylum, to abandoned mills such as Armley Mills…

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Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage

If you’re looking forward to going ghost hunting in Liverpool, then you’re not going to be let down with all the haunted places in Liverpool. From old abandoned mental hospitals to old abandoned mills…

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Ragged School Museum, London

Want an experience that will leave you terrified but wanting more? Go ghost hunting in London and that’s just what you’ll be served. London is a paranormal hotbed and is regarded by many ghost hunters as the most haunted city in the world!

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Like with many English cities, when you walk through Manchester you can feel the history and the sense that you’re never too far away from a good ghost story. Dark shadows, disembodied voices and Victorian apparitions…

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castle keep exterior and black gate

Want to go ghost hunting in Newcastle? It’s one of the oldest cities in the UK, so it’s no surprise that it does have its fair share of haunted locations. Other ghost hunts we have are in Co. Durham, Sunderland, Northumberland and throughout Tyne & Wear and Teeside.

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If you want to go ghost hunting in Northumberland you’ll not be disappointed with the array of haunted locations to choose from.

Bordered by Scotland, Northumberland is England’s most northern county.

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nottingham city of caves

Nottingham and the surrounding Nottinghamshire area is a hidden gem of haunted locations. You’ll be spoilt for choice on which ghost hunt to go on, though none of them will be a disappointment!

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If you’re brave enough to join one of the ghost hunts in Sheffield, then there’s no shortage of locations. Some of Sheffield’s most haunted places include Sheffield’s Fire and Police museum, Wortley Top Forge, Stanley Tools Factory, and Conisborough Castle.

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In the heart of the English countryside, Shropshire is a county that is steeped in mystery. Its many castles, country houses, and quaint villages are awash with tales of ghosts and paranormal activity…

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The Cathedral city that is York, is a city that is overflowing with historic buildings and locations. It’s been one of the most popular ghost walk spots in the UK for decades…

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