Croxteth Hall Ghosts

Croxteth Hall has been renowned for being haunted for many years, but it was thrown into the mainstream news in 2009, when something strange was caught on CCTV outside of the hall. In the footage, the alleged ghost appears from the bushes, slowly moving along a path leading up to the house, before disappearing.

Experts believe it may be the ghost of the former resident, Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, the 7th Earl of Sefton, who died in 1972. One other theory is it’s the infamous gambler, William Philip Molyneux, 2nd Earl of Sefton, who laid the foundation stone at Aintree racecourse in 1829.

Local legend says that it’s William’s ghost wandering the grounds and that he tends to appear around the time of the Grand National every year,

Inside the building lurks several ghosts. They include a young boy, who stands by the fireplace in the dining room. A dark shadowy figure that moves around the billiard room, and a gentleman, believed to be the 6th Earl of Sefton, walking through the tearoom.

Recently people have started reporting the shocking sighting of a man in a hood, with many people describing his face as “horrific”. Apparently, he walks the corridors, and seems to stop and look at people, before turning away and disappearing into rooms closed to visitors!

The sound of footsteps is also heard, as well as cupboard doors opening and slamming shut of their own accord.

Brief History of Croxteth Hall

Building started on Croxteth Hall in 1575, to serve as home to the Molyneux family, the Earls of Sefton.  The house remained in the Molyneux family right up until 1972, when the 7th and last Earl passed away, passing the estate onto Liverpool City Council.

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