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Colchester Castle Ghost Hunt, Colchester, Essex – Saturday 7th September 2019


Location: Colchester Castle Castle Park, Colchester, C01 1TJ
Date: Saturday 7th September 2019
Time: 9:00pm – 3:00am

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Join the Team as we investigate the hauntings of Colchester Castle. Having recently undergone a major refurbishment, this haunted Castle has many secrets waiting to be unveiled. This is a vast location full of history relating to the Saxons, The Romans and a more barbaric medieval past. Carry out a vigil in the vaults beneath the Roman Temple and discover who is haunting the medieval male prison or take part in table tipping and glass moving in other active areas.

With famous names such as James Parnell and Matthew Hopkins having very strong links with Colchester Castle along with Boadicea and Julius Caesar himself, just being in the Castle leaves you with an awe inspiring sensation. Who or what will we uncover at this formidable location?

Your Ghost Hunt at Colchester Castle

Your night at Colchester Castle in Essex, one of the most haunted castles in the UK. Built upon the foundations of the ancient Roman Temple of Claudius this Castle has layers of history. Colchester Castle has links with the Witchfinder General and the tragic women who perished here through execution, labelled as witches. Many hauntings have occurred here and staff have witnessed so many strange occurrences. With such a bloody history and so many layers of history this location will not fail to impress even the most hardened ghost hunter.

Ghosts of Colchester Castle

There has been so much activity recorded on the previous ghost hunts we are really keen to find out what or who we will uncover. Some of the staff that have worked here have encountered strange occurrences and seen things that have frankly terrified them.

We have so many areas to investigate within the Castle and we feel certain that we will encounter some of the infamous and terrifying activity that has been witnessed here on previous events.

Perhaps we may find out where James Parnell actually died or maybe we will be able to communicate with the tragic women who died here forever known as witches. The treachery and misery surrounding this haunted castle is hidden and we hope to uncover further the ghost of Colchester Castle

History of Colchester Castle

The Majestic Colchester Castle was designed by Gundulf, the Bishop of Rochester and building began in 1069. However, due to the threat of Viking invasion building work stopped in 1080 but was eventually completed around 1100. In 1215 Colchester Castle was besieged and captured by King John following the altercation with religious nobles, this eventually led to the Magna Carta

In 1215, the castle was besieged and eventually captured by King John, following the altercation with rebellious nobles that eventually led to the Magna Carta. Since it ceased to be a Royal Castle in 1668 it has been used as a county prison. Originally the prison was maintained by private enterprise which meant that prisoners were kept in the most barbaric of conditions and often left to rot or to die. Matthew Hopkins features in the history of Colchester Castle in 1645 the self-styled Witchfinder General, interrogated and imprisoned suspected witches. These alleged witches would never stand a chance as every test to prove their innocence was doomed to failure, meaning that so many of them were executed.

Additional History of Colchester Castle

The Castle was under Royalist control under the leadership of George Lisle and Charles Lucas. However, in 1648 the Castle was attacked by Parliamentary troops, only surrendering after a 12 week siege. The two Royalist leaders were then executed. This execution took place to the rear of the Castle and rumour has it that the grass will not grow on the spot where they fell. A small obelisk now marks the point.

At one and a half times the size of the Tower of London’s White Tower, Colchester’s Keep is the largest ever built in Britain and the largest surviving example in Europe. There has always been debate as to the original height of the castle. It has been suggested that the keep was at one time four storeys high, though for a number of reasons, including the peaceful region of the castle and the lack of local stone, it is now thought that it had only two or three. Colchester castle is built on the foundations of the earlier Roman temple of Claudius. These foundations with their massive vaults have since been uncovered and can be viewed today on a castle tour.

The castle was ordered by William the Conqueror and designed by Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester. Building began between 1069 and 1076 under the supervision of Eudo Dapifer, who became the castle’s steward on its completion. Building stopped in 1080 because of a threat of Viking invasion, but the castle was completed by around 1100. Many materials, such as Roman brick and clay taken from the Roman town, were used in the building and these can easily be seen. Scaffolding pole holes and garderobes can still be seen in the structure.

Event Includes
Ghost hunting vigils and séances in small groups
Workshop/separate vigils for returning guests
Experiments including glass divination and table tipping
Use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF Meters, K2 Meters etc
Refreshments and light snacks included such as teas and coffees
Not suitable for people with mobility issues or walking difficulties

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Event Location

East Anglia, South East

Event Date

September 2019