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Bolsover Castle Ghost Hunt, Derbyshire – Friday 27th September 2019


Location: Bolsover Castle, Castle St, Bolsover. S44 6PR.
Date: Friday 27th September 2019
Time: 10:00pm – 3:30am

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Bolsover Castle, a typically imposing medieval residence which stands proudly over the Derbyshire countryside. With a history of hauntings dating back over hundreds of years and more sightings and ghostly experiences than we could ever hope to mention, Bolsover Castle has everything that a ghost hunter could wish for.

As you approach the awesome and remarkable Towers you will be walking amongst the poor souls of those who lie beneath in their plague pits and burial grounds. The ghostly activity within its walls has been felt and witnessed by so many and has almost become a regular occurence. With Royal connections, not least King Charles 1, Mary Queen of Scots and William The Conqueror, Bolsover Castle has been a residence to many famous and infamous names. Their legacy lives on within the fabric of the Castle walls which has many a haunting tale to tell.

An overnight ghost hunt at Bolsover Castle is rare. However, we have access to almost every area of the Castle including The Red Room, Great Hall, underground Servants quarters, kitchens, bedrooms, dungeons, cellars and Royal quarters. This is a rare and unique opportunity to spend the night in one of Britain’s most famous castles. Join us on our terrifying ghost hunts at Bolsover Castle

Your Ghost Hunt at Bolsover Castle

Just being inside Bolsover Castle is such an amazing feeling. Knowing the wealth of its history and gruesome past only helps to enhance the feelings of dread for the night to come. Bolsover Castle has rarely been investigated and this is a unique opportunity to work with the Team in such a magnificent location. Every inch of this Castle has a story to tell including the grounds. We have access to almost all of Bolsover Castle on this overnight ghost hunt which include The Red Room, The Star Chamber, The Royal Suites, The Kitchens, The Dungeons and so much more. Most of the Castle is still intact although there are undercrofts and cellars that are open to the elements.

Working in small groups we will be making our way through Bolsover Castle and doing our very best to capture evidence of the ghosts and spirits that reside here. Using up to date ghost hunting equipment along with traditional methods of ghost hunting and carrying out seances and vigils in the most active areas, we are bound to experience all that this infamous Castle has to offer on our overnight ghost hunt.

Ghosts of Bolsover Castle

The Ghosts and spirits that have been encountered at Bolsover Castle leave little doubt that this location is truly haunted. With visitors to the Castle seeing apparitions during the day and staff relaying stories of when they have had doors slammed on them and their ankles touched on so many occasions, it is hard to ignore that there is something going on. Balls of white light are seen frequently and a young boy is said to grasp the hands of women as they walk through the garden. Bolsover Castle also has its own Grey Lady which is frequently seen walking through the grounds. There is the sound of crying in the parapets and the screams of a woman heard frequently by so many. In fact some of what has been happening here is so real to those that experience it that they believe they have absolutely encountered the after-life. Disembodied voices and ghostly footsteps following on the stairs of those who walk up them are also often heard.

The ghosts here are plentiful and willing to show themselves according to those who visit regularly and of course those that work here on a daily basis. We are really looking forward to seeing who or what we encounter on our overnight ghost hunt at Bolsover Castle.

History of Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle is a remarkable monument, you can only stare in awe as you approach the magnificent towers of the Castle. Before the Norman Conquest, Bolsover was situated within the Saxon kingdom of Mercia. However, In 1086 William the Conqueror granted the manor to William Peverel when he built the original castle. The Peverel’s lost the castle in 1152 when they took the wrong side against the new King namely Henry II.

Bolsover Castle changed hands many times after that. It is said that the wall was breached in 1215 in the reign of King John during a siege which was part of a baron’s revolt against him. Surviving parts of the castle were later built into the wall walk which can be seen from the garden. Bolsover Castle eventually became property of the Crown when the third William Peverel fled into exile and by 1440 it had lost all strategic importance.

Various tenants occupied the castle but it was then left to ruin over time. It was eventually purchased by Sir George Talbot in 1553, who was noted for a famous association, he was married to ‘Bess of Hardwick’, one of the most astute business women of the 16th century who owned the Chatsworth estate. William Peverel was also the keeper to the exiled Mary Queen of Scots for over 16 years Eventually the Castle came into the hands of Sir Charles Cavendish in 1608, initially leasing and then purchasing it. Charles worked with a famous architect, Robert Smythson and set about rebuilding the castle to a standard of splendour.

The tower, known today as The Little Castle, was complete in 1621, a few short years after the death of Charles and Smythson. Charles and Roberts sons, William and John continued the building work and created the Terrace Range and the Riding House. The main reason for erecting the Terrace and the Riding House was to support Williams position in the King and Queens Court. William’s ambition was to obtain a Royal Appointment and to obtain this he had to have a house of a grand stature. He became a Viscount, then Earl, then Lord Lieutenant of the County. He had hoped to become the King’s Master of the Horse, horses being a passion of his, but sadly this was not to be. A King did eventually visit Bolsover Castle, King Charles I came in 1634, although the Terrace was not fully complete.

Event Includes

  • Ghost hunting vigils and séances in small groups
  • Workshop/separate vigils for returning guests
  • Experiments including glass divination, table tipping and Ouija Boards
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment including EMF Meters, K2 Meters etc
  • Refreshments and light snacks included such as teas and coffees
  • Not suitable for people with mobility issues or walking difficulties

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Event Date

September 2019

Event Location

East Midlands