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If you want to book your haunted weekends or stay in a hotel with a difference, right here is where you need to be. We have listings for haunted hotels, haunted castles, haunted inns and other haunted places to stay from all over the UK. Whether you’re the most open skeptic or true believer, HauntedRooms.co.uk offers you the chance to book haunted weekends away in some of the most haunted hotels, haunted castles, or inns, UK and Ireland have to offer.

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Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Ettington Park Hotel has long had a reputation of being one of the most haunted hotels.  It was even named the most haunted hotel in the UK by AA. Guests of the hotel, as well as members of the staff have reported seeing various...

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Eastwell Manor Hotel, Ashford, Kent

The village surrounding Eastwell is known to be rife with ghostly activity – one such ghost is that of a horseman, often seen riding towards the house itself before veering off suddenly and disappearing into the nearby lake....

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The Kirkstone Pass Inn, Ambleside, Cumbria

Throughout the Inn’s long history, it has had plenty of stories about spectres and apparitions. Quite a few stories of the supernatural have come from people working in the surrounding area and tourists visiting the Kirkstone...

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Mermaid Inn, Rye, East Sussex

The Mermaid Inn in Rye is home to numerous spirits and it has been featured on the TV show Most Haunted. Among the ghosts said to haunt the cosy, little hotel is that of the lady in grey or white which sits by the fireplace in...

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Baskerville Hall, Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales

The well known author of the book ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was a lover of this grand property and would return on many occasions. His book was the inspiration originating from his time...

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Grange Blooms Hotel, London

Dr. John Cumming was an eccentric minister who had a bit of a fixation on apocalyptic prophecy as well as anti-Catholic views –and when he was not attaching what he called the Romish aggression of the church, he was...

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ABode Exeter (The Royal Clarence Hotel), Exeter

The hotel was built in 1769 on the site of Walter Raleigh’s father’s house, and so the coughing noises that have been heard at the hotel in empty rooms and with no possible source have been attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh...

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The Langham Hotel, London

The hotel was first built in 1865, and with nearly 500 rooms and suites it’s really not surprising that a number of ghosts have been seen regularly at the hotel. The paranormal activity at the hotel became apparent when it was...

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The Molesworth Arms Hotel, Wadebridge, Cornwall

The ghost of a coachman has been seen at the hotel on New Year’s Eve for a number of years. New Year’s Eve has long been associated with spiritual and ghostly occurrences, as one year turns into another, and perhaps that’s...

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Woolpack Inn, Chilham, Kent

We don’t know too much about the ghost at the Woolpack Inn, but we do know that she’s supposed to be a friendlier spectre than most. Nicknamed the Grey Lady, because of her colour, she is often seen wandering the main...

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The Wellington Hotel, Boscastle, Cornwall

Staff and guests at the hotel have reported seeing three different ghosts – a coachman walking through the halls of the hotel, with the ghost of a little girl, as well as an old lady who has been seen walking through walls and...

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The Chequers Inn, Smarden, Kent

Dick Turpin is reported to haunt this hotel – recent accounts describe the spectre of a man dressed in green velvet, wearing a hat with a plume, sitting at a table writing with a quill. Turpin was a highwayman who was executed...

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Borthwick Castle, Edinburgh

Because Borthwick castle is an old, old building with a long and involved history, it has been home to many distinguished guests over the years, including Mary Queen of Scots. Mary sought sanctuary at Borthwick with her husband...

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Gisborough Hall Hotel, Guisborough, North Yorkshire

Built in 1856, this hotel has a long and varied history, so it’s no surprise really that things are often heard going bump in the night. The hotel is reported to have three ghosts – one of which is thought to be the ghost of...

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