Larkfield Priory Hotel, Maidstone, Kent

Larkfield Priory Hotel (formerly known as Hamlets Hotel)stands on the grounds of a former priory, so it’s no surprise that it is haunted. The story goes that it’s haunted by the ghost of a local maid named Charlotte, who is...

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Eastwell Manor Hotel, Ashford, Kent

The village surrounding Eastwell is known to be rife with ghostly activity – one such ghost is that of a horseman, often seen riding towards the house itself before veering off suddenly and disappearing into the nearby lake....

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Woolpack Inn, Chilham, Kent

We don’t know too much about the ghost at the Woolpack Inn, but we do know that she’s supposed to be a friendlier spectre than most. Nicknamed the Grey Lady, because of her colour, she is often seen wandering the main...

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The Chequers Inn, Smarden, Kent

Dick Turpin is reported to haunt this hotel – recent accounts describe the spectre of a man dressed in green velvet, wearing a hat with a plume, sitting at a table writing with a quill. Turpin was a highwayman who was executed...

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Elvey Farm, Pluckley, Kent

Perhaps the most prolific ghost at Elvey Farm is the ghost of Edward Brett, who was a farmer at the hotel at the turn of the previous century. In 1900, he gave his wife 15 shillings, each of his children a penny, then walked...

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