Haunted Castles in Wales

Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel, Rhyl, Wales

During 1830-1852, Bodelwyddan Castle undertook a period of restoration. Sometime during this, the owner at the time, Sir John Hay Williams discovered a skeleton in the wall near one of the chimneys. It was noted in his diary that...

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Margam Castle, Port Talbot, Wales

Margam Castle is the picture perfect example of a haunted location. It’s Gothic architecture and sheer grandeur are not the only things that lend to this castles eerie atmosphere though. The sheer number of reports here are...

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Ruthin Castle Hotel, Denbighshire, North Wales

Lady Grey of Ruthin Castle is probably the most well-known ghost of the castle, although there are others – visitors have reported seeing a soldier, as well as a little girl. Lady Grey is said to have found out her husband was...

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Craig-Y-Nos Castle, Powys, Wales

Upcoming Ghost HuntsCraig Y Nos Castle Ghost Hunt & Sleepover, Mid Wales – Saturday 24 January 2015 Craig-y-Nos Castle Ghost Hunt & Sleepover, Powys, Wales – Fri 10th April 2015  As with most old castles,...

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Gwydir Castle Hotel, Llanrwst, Conwy

In common with many buildings which have enjoyed such a rich history, Gwydir has acquired a reputation for being one of Wales’ most haunted houses. However, lest the sceptical be inclined to dismiss this page and move on,...

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Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey

Building on Beaumaris Castle in 1295 and it was the last in a long list of castles to be built by King Edward I in Wales. It was raised on an entirely new site of “fair marsh”, it was named Beau Mareys which is the...

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