North East Ghost Hunts

North East Aircraft Museum Ghost Hunt, Sunderland – Saturday 6th September 2014

Featured on TVs Most haunted. First used as an airfield in 1916 & went on to play an key role in the defeat of the German army. Paranormal attachment here is rife. Stones are thrown & dark shadows seen in all of the large...

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HMS Trincomalee Ghost Hunt, Co. Durham – Saturday 27th September 2014

HMS Trincomalee Is The Oldest British Warship Still Afloat And Hartlepool Is Proud To Have It! Frigates Were Light, Fast And Agile Warships That Generally Concentrated Their Firepower On One Deck. In Terms Of Both Firepower And...

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Chillingham Castle Ghost Hunt, Northumberland – Saturday 4th October 2014

Built in 1100′s as shelter for English soldiers & prison for Scottish rebels. Regarded Britain’s most haunted castle & seen on numerous TV programs because of countless paranormal incidents & a horrific,...

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Marsden Grotto Ghost Hunt, South Shields, Tyne & Wear – Saturday 22nd November 2014

This Restaurant and Bar situated inside a cave on Marsden’s coast dates back to the 18th century & is famous for stories of smugglers, tunnels & skeletons being dug up on the sight. Voices & other loud noises have...

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