Churston Court Inn, Brixham, Devon

Many ghosts have been seen at Churston Court by guests and staff alike. The most commonly seen ghosts are that of monks, that appear through walls and then disappear again. There are stories of candles being blown out and lit...

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ABode Exeter (The Royal Clarence Hotel), Exeter

The hotel was built in 1769 on the site of Walter Raleigh’s father’s house, and so the coughing noises that have been heard at the hotel in empty rooms and with no possible source have been attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh...

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Fisherman’s Cot, Tiverton, Devon

Although not a lot of information is known about the source of the hauntings at the hotel, guests report regularly hearing the soft laughter of an invisible female in the bar area of the hotel. Maybe the reason she’s heard so...

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